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The Marine Services division of JasTel Network offers services:

- Submarine Fiber Optic Cable and Power Cable.
- Ship Chartering.
- Diving.

Submarine Fiber Optic Cable and Power Cable

1. Installation, Contruction and Maintenance work.


2. Cable Jointing.

Our shipboard jointing team are qualified of universal.
Quick Joint Jointer from UJC training school.


Ship Chartering Service

Two vessels are available to service, Port base is located at Surat Thani.

1. Jasmine Protector


- 52 Men Accommodation Work Barge
- Non-Self Propelled Vessel

2. Madura

- 4,000 BHP AHTS
- Anchor Handling Tug and Supply

Jasmine Protector Specifications
Madura Specifications

Diving Service

The system can be provided at full range of surface supplied air diving operation to 50 meters.


Our resource

Dive control: 3 x two divers control panel
Diving container: 1 X container 20 feet
DDC: 1 X 54 inch diameter twin lock chamber

Breathing Air Compressor

LP Compressor
HP Compressor

Air Bank

Underwater VDO System with recorder




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