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JasTel organizes CSR activities by installing a solar roof for Baan Lung Sanit (Nursing Home) at Ratchaburi.

JasTel Network Company Limited (JasTel) with company’s employees and Jasmine Technology Solution PCL (JTS) to organize activities for Corporate Social Responsibility (CSR) and Environmental Management by installing a solar roof for Baan Lung Sanit (Nursing Home) in the project “JasTel Green Earth by Green Heart”.

The nursing home was founded by Uncle Sanit Asana. Open for persons with disabilities and elderly who cannot help themselves. Most of them have no relatives and are abandoned. Uncle Sanit must bear expenses of more than 200,000 baht per month. In terms of electricity bills, the average cost is thirty thousand baht per month. The JasTel executive has realized the importance of helping them in the long term. Therefore, the installation of the solar roof at Baan Lung Sanit (Nursing Home) in phase 1 has been completed.

On 8 August 2023, the team of JasTel and JTS went to deliver the solar roof worth 276,190 baht along with the delivery of items donated by the executive, employees of affiliated companies to help reduce electricity bills and expenses for the elderly person to fulfill happiness, give morale to have a better life, and not feel left out. JasTel plans to continue for the next phase until the project is completed.

JasTel has received certification for “Carbon Footprint for Organization” from the Thailand Greenhouse Gas Management Organization (TGO)

JasTel Network Company Limited (JasTel), has received certification for “Carbon Footprint for Organization” from the Thailand Greenhouse Gas Management Organization (TGO), in accordance with their standards and requirements. This certification is marked by the “Certificate Standard TGO Guidance of the Carbon Footprint for Organization.

JasTel is subsidiary of Jasmine Technology Solutions Public Company Limited (JTS), JTS Group’s commitment to fostering Sustainable Low-Carbon Society business operations. The group has set ambitious long-term goals of achieving “Carbon Neutrality” by 2050 and aiming for Net Zero emissions by 2060. In addition, JTS Group strives to promote low-carbon technology innovation, replacing traditional methods, and continuously enhancing work process efficiency across the organization’s operations. The group has adopted the TGO’s carbon footprint management mechanism, which involves creating a comprehensive greenhouse gas database to define guidelines and management plans for reducing emissions throughout the business value chain with utmost effectiveness.

JTS Group is determined to contribute significantly to Thailand’s transition to a low-carbon society. The group aims to raise awareness among its employees about the sustainable use of natural resources and environmental conservation to achieve a substantial reduction in greenhouse gas emissions.

Attention! Recently, we have been informed that a customer have received phishing emails

Dear customer,

Recently, we have been informed that a customer have received phishing emails from scammers pretending to work at JasTel Network Co., Ltd. to trick our customer to make a payment for service or other expense to suspicios bank account, which are not our bank account.

We take this incident seriously and are taking all necessary steps to mitigate the impact of these attack.

However, to prevent further attacks, we need your kindly help to follow your technical security practices and verify the authenticity of any email that seems suspicious by contacting the sender directly.

Therefore, we hereby declare that our company is not involved in any suspicious activity hereunder and we will take legal action against those offender. Any loss or damage that you may experience as a result of such fraudulent actions are not responsible to JasTel Nerwork Co., Ltd.

If you are contacted by a person you suspect is a fraud or witnessed the actions in the

manner mentioned above, you can inquire directly at JasTel Network Company Limited

(“Company”) or call 02-100-3183, or email : [email protected]

Telehouse partners with JasTel aiming to be the leading interconnectivity in Thailand

Bangkok, Thailand – 28 March 2023 – Telehouse, one of the world’s leading data centers providers, aiming to create the best ecosystem for interconnectivity in the region, partners with JasTel Network Company Limited (JasTel), a telecommunications network, service, and internet provider in Thailand and international.

Telehouse and JasTel partnership will potentially optimize data connection in Thailand, support the use of interconnectivity and data market, and ensure market expansion in the region. This partnership compliments each other by integrating JasTel’s high quality telecommunications network with Telehouse’s high technology data center.

Mr. Terasak Jerauswapong, Senior Executive Vice President said, “With this long-term partnership, it will promptly strengthen and increase connectivity options as JasTel has stable telecommunication network. Telehouse is a trusted and leading data center that covers the interconnectivity domestically and internationally, therefore, we are thrilled to partner with Telehouse as this will facilitate and help develop better and safer service connections within and outside of Thailand.”

Completed over 95% of the construction, Telehouse’s data center building is strategically located in the center of Bangkok – Rama 9, which scheduled to be completed and fully operated in May 2023. The building was designed specifically for data center services. Telehouse is well-prepared for four diverse routes of fiber access to provide maximum stability and connectivity to customers. The facilities aim to attract internet content providers such as the Over-the-top (OTT), cloud providers, carrier & ISP, SI & managed service provider and corporate customers for both domestic and overseas. Not only this collaboration is expected to serve the network connectivity, but also will mutually strengthen both Telehouse and JasTel to accelerate the growth in telecommunications businesses in Thailand.

Mr. Ken Miyashita, Managing Director of Telehouse (Thailand) Ltd. said, “I am pleased to team up with JasTel as our goal is to reinforce our connectivity domestically and internationally. We believe that we can enhance our data ecosystem through this partnership as JasTel is one of the leading telecommunications networks in Thailand. By focusing on the growth of data interconnectivity, we aim and intend to be the internet connectivity hub in Thailand and region in the future.”

About JasTel

JasTel Network Co., Ltd. operates its business alongside with well-known global carriers within the telecommunications industry involving expansion of international cable network across the world. The company also implements equipment which enabling high speed data exchange in various international locations and upgrading the standards in providing stable and secure service. In partnership with high profile data center Telehouse, JasTel aims to build a great ecosystem for all clients that value neutralized facilities.

For more information visit us:

JasTel joined forces to support High Speed Internet & Cloud for COVID-19 vaccinating Thai people building up immunity.

Jasmine International Public Company Limited Group or JAS Group continuously pushes forward to support technology to connect information systems in vaccination sites outside of hospitals. Recently JasTel, provider of domestic and international telecommunication network which is subsidiary company of JAS Group, cooperate with Thammasat University Hospital on “Vaccinated, end Pandemic, for Country” project and emphasize “Doctors Ready, Thammasat Ready, Network Ready” mission at Gymnasium 4 building, Thammasat university Rangsit campus which host a large COVID-19 vaccination sites for citizen.

Mr.Chayapong Apiromrat Assistant Vice President of Project Management of JAS Group said “Giving vaccine to Thai people is an urgent mission to make us stop Coronavirus (COVID-19) pandemic as soon as possible and vaccination sites outside of hospitals is the key to drive this mission, JAS Group will support public health sector in all dimensions under the concept of Connect, Cooperate, for Thai people especially building immunity to Thai people by providing COVID-19 vaccination is the country’s urgent agenda”.

“Operation of information system in Gymnasium 4 area of Thammasat university Rangsit campus, besides supporting High Speed Internet service and excellence Cloud system, JasTel also added WiFi hotspots to strengthening optimal operations in the area, information security and include 24×7 system support officer this makes queue management in main stations such as Registration, Weighting, Blood pressure measuring, Screening, Background checking and After vaccinate monitoring stations reach optimal state, assisting doctors, nurses and volunteers to work smoothly and safety. This also include citizens who visit to receive the vaccine” continued by Mr. Chayapong.

JAS Group readies to be a part to support both public and private sectors and fights through this Coronavirus (COVID-19) pandemic crisis and restoring Thailand quickly back to normal.

JasTel in Collaboration with JCK Move Forward to Develop a Smart Industry in TFD


16th March 2021- Mr. Terasak Jerauswapong, the director of JasTel Network Company Limited, subsidiary of Jasmine Telecom Systems Public Company, signed a collaboration agreement with Mr. Anukul Ubonnuch, and Mr. Krittawat Taechaubol, President and Vice President of JCK International Public Company respectively. With signing this agreement aimed develop telecommunication facility in TFD industrial estate 1, 2 and Green Park warehouse 1 with the total area of 1,100 Rai, located near Highway no.7 (Motorway k.m.43) Bangpakong district, Chachoengsao Province.


In Industry 4.0 causing the transformation of production process by adopting Artificial Intelligence (AI) and robot are involved in various functions of the factory to achieve efficiency, increase productivity and support the growth of that industry.


The collaboration will mainly focus on structuring of Fiber Optic cable increasing safety, security and clealiness for both personnel and asset of the business. Including the beauty of the overview.

Additionally, JasTel is also ready to promote the internet services, telecommunications network, ,IOT (Internet of Things) technology and Smart Solution move forward to develop the TFD Industrial Estate (TFD) as a Smart Industry in the EEC area.


JasTel’s data center upgrades Information Security Management guaranteed from ISO

Recently, JasTel Network Company Limited has been awarded ISO 27001: 2013 DATA CENTER, certification for Information Security Management from British Standards Institution (BSI).

JasTel Network Company Limited is a telecommunications network, service, and internet provider in Thailand and throughout international territories, continue data center service development, by this year upgrade the service which guaranteed by international standard, ISO 27001: 2013 Information Security Management with development the information security management, information and important physical asset protection and in case of risks. Including, specify the plan in possible emergency case for decrease damage and maintain an ability of business continuity so JasTel ensure that client’s database and computer equipment stored in safety and also service with internet connectivity for various client requirements unlimited.

JasTel certified ISO/IEC 20000-1 and ISO/IEC 27001

JasTel certified information technology service management ISO/IEC 20000-1 and information security management (Data center) ISO/IEC 27001

In the age of the highly competitive world of business. To be the leader, all working process will be linked together by the efficient, rapid and secure telecommunication network. Thus, organizations or companies emphasize on an Internet Service Provider who meet their needs.

JasTel Network Company Limited, a major telecommunications service provider and also internet service provider in Thailand and international/domestic connectivity with its own network, can reach the different customer’s requirement; therefore, JasTel has been an intent to continuously develops the quality and adopt service for information technology service management and information security management standard. So far JasTel has been certified ISO/IEC 20000-1 and ISO/IEC 27001 (Data center).

JasTel provided internet connectivity to multiple Tier-1 IP Transit/Network Providers, Web Hosting and Content Providers around the world; therefore, the customer can reach information rapidly. In addition, back-up link provided to avoid any service interrupted in the event of network failures occurred, with a 24-hour fully one stop service from professional engineers/technicians.