JasTel Network Joins The Google Cloud Partner Advantage Program

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Bangkok February 2020 – JasTel Network today announced that it has joined the Google Cloud Partner Advantage Program. As a Google Cloud partner, JasTel Network now supports Google Cloud’s Partner Interconnect, a service from Google Cloud that allows customers to connect to Google Cloud Platform (GCP) globally.

Partner Interconnect is a product in the Google Cloud Interconnect family. Dedicated Interconnect provides higher-speed and lower cost connectivity than VPN, and has become the “go-to” solution to connect on-premise data centers to Google Cloud.

With Partner Interconnect, customers can now choose JasTel Network to provide connectivity from their facility to the nearest Google edge point of presence. In addition, they will also be able to select from a variety of subrate interface speeds varying from 50Mbps to 10G.

As such, JasTel Network customers are able to directly access to Google Cloud, benefiting them with powerful network stability, fast data transmission speed and less troubling in the internet bottleneck. With enterprise-grade, customers can optimize the connectivity speed(bandwidth) to drive their business for future growth.