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– IPLC Service

International Private Leased Circuit (IPLC Service) or high speed internet service is provided for data communication between corporate branches located both domestically and/or overseas via SDH DWDM technology.  Read more

– IEPL Service

This service is similar to Jastel’s IPLC Service in all aspects with the exception that clients are able to specifically choose their network transmission speed from 1Mbps-10Gbps to fit their required needs providing the most value for their service connection.  Read more

– MPLS-VPN / IP-VPN Service

Clients who provide network services internationally and would like to extend their network services into Thailand can utilize Jastel’s International MPLS service.  Read more

– IIG Service

From Thailand, Jastel’s clients can have direct connectivity to the Internet globally via IIG (International Internet Gateway) to numerous leading Internet providers around the world,  Read more

– NIX Service

Jastel offers domestic data connectivity via NIX (National Internet Exchange).  Read more

– DIA Service

Jastel provides premium-quality Internet service with utmost security.   Read more

– Colocation (Data center) Services

JasTel’s Data Center can accommodate diverse client requirements catered to fit their needs such as securely storing clients’ equipment known as Co-Location/ Web hosting or choosing our data center as a Disaster Recovery Location for backup of all data and information.  Read More

– Google Cloud Interconnect

Google Cloud Interconnect is the private connectivity path between Google Cloud and Users via Private Line/ Dedicate line riding on MPLS Technology from JasTel’s Integrated Networking. Read More

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    JasTel Network Company Limited (JasTel) is a telecommunications network, service, and internet provider in Thailand and throughout international territories. The company is a subsidiary of Jasmine International Public Company Limited (JAS).